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Where the giants once roamedπŸ€ (at Giant’s Causeway, Ireland)

Where the Giants once roamed… πŸ€ (at Giant’s Causeway, Ireland)

Never felt so alive (at Aran Islands)

There’s no place I’d rather be πŸ€

There’s no place I’d rather be πŸ€β˜€οΈ

Glancing back in Galway πŸ€ (at Galway, Ireland)

"A little party never killed nobody" βœ¨πŸŽ‰

Happy birthday to my adorable little roomie Mia! I hope all your birthday wishes come true now that you’re 18! Love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ

Walk this way β˜€οΈπŸ€πŸŒž (at Kowth, Ireland)

A tad late but happy #nationaldogday to my one and only, Shelly. #santapaws

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